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Employee Financial Wellness

We work with you and your retirement plan committee to create the most appropriate program for your employee population. Customizing a financial wellness program helps reduce your administrative burden while helping your employees to adopt positive retirement planning behaviors. We believe that providing financial wellness to your employees will have positive effects on employee well-being as well as promote productivity and employee engagement.

Our financial wellness opportunities include:

  • On-site and virtual education and enrollment meetings
  • Online education materials, tools and calculators
  • Quarterly employee retirement newsletter
  • Updates on the current market environment
  • Investment allocation risk scoring and risk quiz comparison tool

And we go one step further and offer individual one-on-one financial wellness options which include:

  • Account information available via internet, telephone or virtual meeting
  • Assisting individuals with general investment allocation guidance
  • Retirement savings gap analysis
  • Tax strategy investment guidance
  • College savings planning
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Social security claiming strategy illustrations
  • Retirement income planning
  • Estate planning investment strategies
  • Consultations available for post-termination needs

Chase Dominion Advisors will provide any number of one-on-one employee meetings free of any additional charge to the employer and employees.  We feel this provides the greatest access to all for individualized financial advice and promotes a culture of financial wellness and retirement savings confidence.