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Our mission is to help more people pursue retirement on their terms by encouraging them to save and invest wisely through proper plan design assistance and carefully crafted employee communications.

Clarke Chase founded Chase Dominion Advisors in 1985 with the belief that every American worker should have the opportunity to retire on their terms.  Trey Jamison joined the firm in 2010 with the goals of expanding the service model to include providing employers with trackable results regarding employees’ level of retirement preparedness, providing employees with one-on-one financial advice and planning, and integrating a comprehensive financial planning and investment management approach for individuals and families.  Through a multi-year planned succession strategy, the transition of the role of principal and managing partner to Trey Jamison was completed in 2021.

For more than 35 years, our team of professionals have been helping plan companies implement retirement plans designed to increase employees’ retirement readiness.  When seeking the most appropriate retirement plan for your company and your employees, it’s critical to incorporate the guidance of those who are dedicated to providing impartial advice and innovative strategies. We work closely with your company at every stage of retirement plan operation and management, helping to ensure that your program reflects the unique characteristics of your business and employees.  At Chase Dominion Advisors, we help you and your workforce pursue your respective financial goals, and we welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.  Explore our retirement plan service model here.