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Participant Education Services

At Chase Dominion Advisors, we believe a quality participant education and communication program is critical to the success of your retirement plan. We work with you and your retirement plan committee to create the most appropriate program for your employee population which may include:

  • On-site group participant education and enrollment meetings
  • Account information available via internet or telephone
  • Online education materials, tools and calculators
  • Updates on the current market environment
  • Assist individuals with general investment allocation guidance
  • Consultations available for post-termination needs

Worksite Financial Solutions

Our Worksite Financial Solutions program helps reduce your administrative burden while helping your employees to adopt positive retirement planning behaviors. We work with you and your retirement plan committee to create the most appropriate program for your specific needs and employee population.

Our Worksite Financial Solutions program includes:

Individualized Employee Guidance: Our licensed team members are available to meet one-on-one with employees to help ensure that each plan participant has the opportunity to leverage financial guidance to their best advantage.

Employee Engagement Solution: Enrollment education is only one step in engaging new employees in the retirement planning process. We help your new employees understand how rolling a plan at a former employer into your plan may help them to more effectively pursue their long-term goals for retirement.

Plan Distribution Assistance: Retiring employees face many challenges when leaving the plan. We consult with your employees to help them make confident decision about their plan distribution options, educating them on income planning in retirement.

Employee Transition Solutions: Our employee transition solution is designed to provide terminating employees the tools and advice they need to move forward at a stressful time in their lives. We counsel terminating employees on the plan distribution options available to them and educate them on the potential pitfalls of cashing out of the plan. Our goal is to provide the education and tools to help them continue to pursue positive savings and retirement planning behaviors after leaving your employment.

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