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Meet Our Team

Trey Jamison

Trey Jamison, AIF®, CPFA

Retirement Plan Consultant | Principal, Chase Dominion Advisors

(804) 325-1502

David Beard

David Beard, CRPC®, CPFA®

Retirement Plan Consultant | Partner, Chase Dominion Advisors

(804) 325-1298

How Can We Help You?

We offer a wide variety of services all geared to help you with your financial goals.

Financial Planning

We build a customized and comprehensive financial plan that helps to pursue your goals.

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Tax Strategy

We'll help make sure that we're considering the tax implications with all your investments.

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Retirement Income

Structure your retirement income so that you can maintain your lifestyle choices and priorities.

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Investment Management

We can customize your portfolio around your goals, timeframe and risk preferences.

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Estate Planning

We'll help secure your legacy for future generations.

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Saving for Education

Your education planning strategy should be tax advantaged and evolve over time.

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Find out the "12 Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid".

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