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Are Your Employees on Track to Retire?

Retirement readiness is a hot topic for today’s plan sponsors. In fact:

  • 51% of employers cited helping employees take accountability for their future as their highest priority for the coming year.
  • The second highest priority, chosen by nearly half (43%) of employers, was enabling employees to retire with sufficient retirement assets.

At Chase Dominion Advisors, providing effective ways for you to help your employees pursue their retirement saving and investment goals is what we do best. We offer you an entirely customized program developed around your employees’ specific financial concerns and education needs. The program begins with a process to identify and analyze your employee’s current financial wellness or “retirement readiness.” This foundational information provides the basis for an ongoing, customized financial education program for your employees and the ongoing support and tools you need to help ensure its success.1

Our customized Retirement Readiness program begins with three simple steps:

Step I – Launch Our Online Financial Learning Center

  • We provide your employees with access to a personalized, online Financial Wellness Assessment to gauge their overall financial wellness and identify their key financial vulnerabilities.
  • Employees are provided 24/7 access to our Financial Learning Center to find the resources they need to make important financial decisions at their convenience.
  • They will also be able to design and implement a customized, step-by-step action plan to work towards improving their personal financial situation.

Step 2 – Get a Financial Wellness Assessment of Your Workforce

  • Individual responses received from your employees are consolidated to build a company-wide view.
  • The aggregated responses are presented to you with recommendations to help determine the components of your customized education offering.
  • Your aggregated Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment report provides a detailed breakdown of your employees’ financial wellness, key vulnerabilities, and key financial priorities by demographic (age, income, location and gender) helping you gauge key education needs in vital areas of financial planning.

Step 3 – Create a Customized Education Program for Your Employees

  • Once your employees have used the tool and your customized Workforce Financial Wellness Assessment is generated, we will analyze the data, identifying immediate concerns, strengths on which to build, and topics that should be addressed in your education program.
  • We will propose a comprehensive financial education plan, including which workshop topics to deliver to your employees, how to communicate the program to employees, and how to engage employees.
  • Our goal is to help your employees feel empowered to improve their finances, in the short and long term, so they continue their progress year after year.
  • We will continue to work together to launch workshops that will be most beneficial to your employees in addressing their financial concerns and education needs over time. All workshops are designed to cover the key factors related to the topics employees should know about, in a way that makes sense to their overall financial goals.

Learn more about our Participant Education Services and Workforce Financial Solutions.

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